Cuisine of Malta

If you are booking a holiday to Malta this summer, then you need to make trying the authentic food a must. The Maltese cuisine is unrivalled. It is a fine relationship between the islanders and the various civilisations who have settled in the country over the centuries. Due to this, Malta now has an amazing mix of Mediterranean cooking you won’t find anywhere else. There is a large variety of restaurants to try when visiting Malta. There are plenty of speciality restaurants as well as places that specialise in local fare where they put their own spin on classic dishes.

Maltese cuisine
Malta is a country which makes many different cuisines

When travelling to Malta, always remember your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC for short). The EHIC is the replacement for the old E111.


There is quite a variety of traditional Maltese food, most of which are inspired by the seasons. Some of the most popular dishes we would recommend would be Lampuki Pie, Rabbit Stew and Kapunata, which is similar to ratatouille. There are also some great Maltese snacks to try which can be found in most food shops. Bigella is common, it is a thick pate of broad beans and garlic. Another popular snack you will come across is hobz-biz-zejt; this is a type of bread drizzled with olive oil and filled with tuna, tomatoes, garlic and capers.


The Marsaxlokkfish market is held every Sunday. It is definitely worth popping along. You will be amazed by the huge varieties of fish for sale that have been caught in Maltese waters. A lot of what is sold tends to be dependent on the season, but Aljotta, which is a type of fish soup, is a big favourite. You’ll also find a large variety of dishes made with bass, stone fish, grouper, dentex, sargu and red mullet. Octopus and squid are used quite a lot in rich stews and pastas. If you are visiting Malta in autumn, it is an ideal time to try swordfish and lampuka.


If you are something of a sweet tooth, Malta has some fantastic desserts on offer. One of the most popular Maltese desserts is Kinnoli, a delicious pastry filled with ricotta. Sicilian style desserts are worth trying as they’re a delightful mix of sponge, ice cream, candied fruits and cream, as well as Helwa tat-Tork, which is a mix of crushed and whole almonds.

Desserts Malta
Maltese cuisine includes a number of delicious desserts


Malta is not very well known for wine at all, not when compared to other European countries such as France and Italy, who are very well known for their wine production. However, you would be mistaken to think that the Maltese vintages are in anyway inferior. In fact, they have won several awards at international competitions, so it is definitely worth doing some wine tasting while on your holiday. A lot of what is produced tend to be grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Granache, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. You will find that many of the wineries offer tours and tastings depending on the season. These tours cover the entire production line too. Definitely worth trying.

Malta is very easily accessible and only a short flight away, making it perfect for those spontaneous breaks. But before you go jetting off on your European adventure, it is important to make sure both your passport and European Health Insurance Card are valid. Once you’ve done that you can enjoy a stress-free holiday.