Greece in All Its Glory

Greece is a European country situated in the south east of the continent. It is a magnificent country consisting of thousands of islands. Greece’s Parthenon Temple and Acropolis Citadel stand as reminders of the country’s ancient history. Modern day Greece is popular with tourists worldwide thanks to its nightlife, architectural landmarks and natural wonders.

Greek island
Island of Kefalonia in Greece

If you are one of the thousands of people visiting Greece for your holidays, always make sure you have correctly prepared by packing the likes of your passport and European Health Insurance Card. The European Health Insurance Card can be used to access state provided medical care if you fall ill during your time abroad. Applications can be made at

When is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

This pretty much comes down to what sort of holiday you are after. The months of July and August are usually when both tourist numbers and temperatures reach their peaks so if you are looking for this kind of holiday, then these would be the best times to go. For those of you who prefer a more relaxing holiday, the months of June and September are a lot quieter and temperatures aren’t scorching hot like they are between July and August.

Where to Go in Greece

Greece contains well over one thousand islands. Out of these islands, just over two hundred of them are inhabited. If it is a beach holiday you are looking for, then Zakynthos is the island you want to visit. Its beautiful sandy beaches, backed up by its dramatic coastline, makes it the perfect destination for those who enjoy a bit of sun sea and sand. Corfu is renowned as being a wonderful family attraction. If you are looking to sample some local Greek delicacies, then look no further than the island of Crete. The island has been prominent in the revival of Greek cuisine and uses a variety of local ingredients such as fresh meats and raki. If you prefer to sample a bit of Greek wine, visit Kefalonia. Hydra is seen to be one of Greece’s most popular island destinations.

Corfu Greece
The stunning island of Corfu


Greece’s capital, Athens, is a treasure chest of architecture and history. Its most famous landmark is the Parthenon; an iconic 5th BC Athenian temple. There is also the Acropolis of Athens which, derived from the same era as the Parthenon, is a temple monument located on a hilltop. Athens is also home to the educational National Archaeological Museum and the intriguing Acropolis Museum.


When visiting Greece, or any other country, always remember to pack the essentials before travelling. It is vital to bring your passport as, without it, you will be turned away from any airport. It is also equally as important to pack a valid and up to date European Health Insurance Card. The European Health Insurance Card can be used to cover yourself for any state provided medical treatment should you need to access it during your time in Greece. If you do not have your own European Health Insurance Card, apply for one today on our website.