First Holiday With Your Children

When on your first trip away with your children, you will no doubt come to appreciate the ease of simply travelling with a friend or a loved one. No matter if your child is 2 months old or 2 years old, it can always be stressful taking your kids on holiday and it tends to stay this way until they’re in their teens. However, don’t be put off. Family holidays are a great way to make some amazing memories and moments to cherish.

First holiday
A mother on her first holiday with her child

Whether you are going on an all-inclusive holiday in the Mediterranean, or having a weekend break in France, there’s nothing like spending time together and having a family adventure. Please read our following tips for going on holiday for the first time with your child:

Prepare and Plan Your Holiday

Preparation is always the key to making your holiday that much easier when taking the kids away with you. If you’re children are quite young, you should make relaxation your top priority when planning your holiday. Try looking at all-inclusive hotels with excellent facilities for children. The holiday clubs are great for them to enjoy themselves, meaning you and your partner can enjoy some well-deserved, quality time together. Another bonus of going all-inclusive is that you won’t have the added stress of cooking for everyone nor will you have to go far in order to get a good meal.

It is a good idea to choose a destination relatively close when you are travelling with babies or toddlers. Taking them on a long-haul flight isn’t a good idea for anyone and can be incredibly stressful. Sticking to destinations in Europe until they get older is advisable.

It will be difficult to pack a lot in to your holidays when you are taking the little ones. Cultural and historical sites or museums may be right up your street, but this rarely interests very young children. Again it is probably a better idea to do those sorts of things when they are a little bit older and can appreciate it a bit more. Your holiday is a great excuse for relaxing. So why not take a trip to the beach where everyone can enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

Bored child
Always think of things that your children will enjoy doing as they can become easily bored

Make Sure You Take Your EHIC Card

As we all know children can be somewhat clumsy and accident-prone. Unfortunately, these incidents can happen anywhere and there is always a possibility of illness or injury. It is in your best interest to make sure each member of your family have their own valid European Health Insurance Card. Your EHIC Renewal, previously known as the E111 Renewal, can be done online. These cards are invaluable to you should anybody you are travelling with need medical assistance. You will be entitled to any health care you or your kids may require for a reduced cost or even free. The card covers accidents as well as illness due to a long term conditions such as diabetes. Of course any of these things are bound to put a dampener on your holiday, but you can take a lot of the stress out of these situations by carrying this little, blue card. The last thing you need is to be faced with large upfront medical bills. So be prepared and apply for your EHIC’s in advance to help you enjoy a stress free holiday.