How to Keep Your Asthma in Check During Your European Holiday

Those who suffer from asthma are generally very good at controlling the condition as they can recognize what the triggers are which may cause an attack. Remembering to keep inhalers with you at all times and ensuring you have got enough medication comes as second nature after time. But when pulled out of a usual routine it can be a lot tougher to manage their asthma.

Inhaler holiday
Remember to take your inhaler with you on holiday if you suffer from asthma

When taking a European holiday there is a lot to think about for sufferers of asthma. Of course, travelling can get stressful; things happen we have no control over such as travel delays. Stress is one of the key triggers for an attack. Depending on your chosen destination, the weather could be hitting high temperatures and high levels of humidity which would have an effect. Even the pollen from plants you wouldn’t normally come across in the UK can have an effect. Of course though a holiday through Europe isn’t necessarily only going to cause bad effects. Many people find that they escape their triggers when abroad, as they aren’t around certain triggers such as house-dust mites or pollution.

Pollen asthma
Pollen from plants abroad can trigger an asthma attack

It is strongly advised by Asthma UK that you have a chat with your asthma nurse or doctor about your holiday in advance. They will be able to offer advice and help you prepare for your holiday. This will ensure that you have enough preventer and relief inhalers to supply you the duration of your trip, plus a few extra in case you run into any delays.

Inhalers and medication should not be packed in your suitcase to be checked in as this could cause huge problems if your baggage goes missing. Therefore, it is best to keep them with you in your hand luggage. Be aware though that some airports will wish to carry out checks and you may need to show your medication outside of your bag. It’s a good idea to keep a tear slip of a prescription with you of the medicines you require.

Carry a European Health Insurance Card

Owning a valid European Health Insurance Card is essential. The EHIC will ensure you access to any public healthcare you may require at a reduced cost or even free. Should you suffer an attack whilst on holiday the last thing you need is to be confronted with large medical fees. If you wish to apply through our organisation, we offer advice and service making sure your application is error-free and can help speed the process along. You can apply at

Research Local Medical Facilities Before You Travel

It can be incredibly beneficial to learn some key phrases in the language appropriate to your destination. Asthma UK suggests learning “asthma attack”, “inhaler”, “can’t breathe”, “get doctor” and “where is the hospital?” because phrases like these could potentially be lifesaving. If you’re worried, it is always worth taking a phrase book with you just in case you get into any difficulties.

It’s important to let people know if you suffer from severe asthma. You must inform your airline at least 48 hours before you travel with them and ensure you declare your condition to your travel insurers in advance.