Magical Milan

Whether you are interested in fashion, history, art or culture, Milan has something to offer you. It really is a great holiday destination with plenty to see and do. Dine in high-end restaurants and browse the vast amount of high-end shops, as well as enjoy a number of wonderful galleries and see outstanding architecture.

Italian city Milan
A street inside of Milan

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Is Travel Insurance with Bank Accounts… Is it Worth It?

Major high street banks offer a variety of deals. But more recently, they have started to offer packaged current accounts. The way packaged current accounts work is by the customer paying a monthly fee to the bank for the account they hold. In return the bank offers a range of benefits. Depending on which deal the customer chooses the benefits could be anything from mobile phone insurance or even cash back on deposits. One of the main benefits that attract most account holders is the inclusion of free travel insurance. But are these deals as good as they appear?

Is it worth it
Are these deals as good as they appear?

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Countries with the Best Healthcare in Europe

Hopefully anyone planning to travel to Europe this year is prepared and already got their EHIC cover applied for. But, whether you have already applied or are intending to do so, it’s always a good idea to research exactly what care is provided for you in your holiday destination. European healthcare systems vary from country to country and you can’t assume you will get treated for free as you would on the NHS in the UK. As the EHIC scheme allows you to be treated on the same basis as a local resident would be, your cover will depend upon your destination. Due to the vast differences in the healthcare systems, and what is covered, it can be difficult to compare the quality of them. However, there are certain statistics we can look at to give a good indication of which countries perform well and offer great healthcare.

The Netherlands

Holland best health care
Netherlands scored highest in The Euro Health Consumer Index

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Adding Children to an EHIC Card

A few recent surveys have shown that awareness of the European Health Insurance Card scheme to be very high. The only problem is the policy and its benefits are somewhat misunderstood. Many families will be planning their holidays soon and anyone thinking about staying within Europe should have a good understanding of the EHIC and what makes it an essential part of travelling. As it was found that a lot of the confusion was over family cover, who can apply and when, we thought we would try to clear things up about the EHIC.

Children Need Their Own EHIC

European Health Card under 18s
Children require thier own EHIC Card

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Most Common Accidents On Holiday

Planning a holiday is always very exciting. Being able to get away from our normal daily routines to soak up some sun and plan some new adventures. Of course during all the excitement, we tend not to think about what happens should we fall ill or have an accident whilst on holiday. It is something none of us like to think about but unfortunately it can happen to anyone. Every year there is an increase in tourists making claims for emergency medical care they have required whilst abroad. It is always important to have the right insurance cover arranged and have your EHIC applied for well in advance of your holiday. But prevention is the best policy. So being aware of the most common holiday accidents might help you to take the right precautions to avoid them happening to you.

Road Accidents

Traffic collision
Road accidents are the most common cause of injury to holidaymakers

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The 18-34 Age Group Most Likely to Travel Without Insurance

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) recently undertook a study into travel insurance. It was discovered that more and more British tourists are travelling without any insurance cover at all year on year. The 18-34 age group were labeled least likely to take out insurance cover for their holidays with a massive 31% admitting to jetting off without private insurance or even an EHIC.

Travel insurance
18-35 year olds are least likely to take out travel insurance

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Healthcare Costs Abroad and Understanding Them

Amidst all the excitement of planning a holiday in Europe, a lot of travelers don’t give much thought to falling ill or having accidents while away. Of course, nobody likes to think about this happening to them and no matter what precautions we take, we never know when these situations can occur. Fortunately, many tourists that fall ill, or suffer from an accident, recover quickly and do not require medical attention. However, if any urgent healthcare is needed, the medical fees can be a lot more than anticipated. Most countries do not have healthcare schemes like the NHS in the UK and those without any insurance, or an EHIC, will be faced with large, upfront fees if they require treatment.

Prepare for your holiday
It is always best to be prepared in case you fall ill or suffer an accident on holiday

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Take a Trip to Geneva

Geneva is situated in the South of Switzerland. With this beautiful city lying near the Alps and Jura Mountains, it really is the perfect spot for a relaxing city break. Not only can you admire stunning views of Mont Blanc, there is much to explore in the city centre itself. Known perhaps for being a global hub for banking and diplomacy, it is also a great place for luxury Swiss watches and of course chocolate.

Geneva Switzerland
The Swiss city of Geneva

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How to Avoid Health Mistakes Related to Travel

Unfortunately, illness or accidents can happen anywhere even when on holiday. That is why it is important to have a valid European Health Insurance Card with you at all times during your travels. This means that, should you need medical treatment, you will have access to any public healthcare in Europe on the same basis as a local from the country you are visiting.

Up to date cover
Make sure your EHIC is valid in case you fall ill on holiday

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